Leg training – is it happening?!

I hope you all had a good bank holiday weekend.  I have had a nightmare 2 weeks, involving cars, thieves, and gas boilers.  Dont ask! 


As the summer gets ever closer, the sun seems that much hotter – flesh starts appearing here and there.  Jeans become dresses and shorts, and more and more people try to lose weight before their holidays. 

Lads like summer clothes coming out


As a weight loss trainer, I am becoming increasingly more observant about people’s exercise habits.

While there are more shorts coming out – I am not seeing nearly anywhere as many people training their legs! This means that a lot of women are not getting the most out of their exercise program, especially for fat loss……..and men remain with legs that resemble thick twigs.  

You may even hear the phrase “He’s got chicken legs!” 

Any man doesn’t want that.


 If you’ve got a bad case of chicken legs……..I suggest you man up and get under the bar!


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