Oooops! How many easter eggs?

Good morning, I hope you had a good easter weekend.

I caught up with a good mate I havent seen since xmas, went for a long walk along the marina (in the rain!) and yesterday had a 4 ‘easter eggs’.

Easter eggs
My Easter eggs!

Eggs have had a bad reputation in the past, mainly from many mis-informed reports that the high amounts of saturated fat will increase your chance of heart disease.

This is one example (CLICK HERE!)

According to this ‘information page,’  It appears that having more than one egg a day may increase my cholesterol level – and increase my risk of a heart attack.

If any of you have spoken to me about cholesterol, you’ll know that while the call on cholestorol being the most importnat factor of heart disease is still out (believe it or not!), Studies have shown that dietary cholesterol does not affect the level of cholesterol in your blood.  (CLICK HERE!)

Many would have you think that if you eat more than 2 eggs in one day….you’re a heart attack waiting to happen!

The look on people’s faces when they hear of me having a 4 or 5 egg omelette is priceless!

Eggs have around 6 grams of muscle building protein in each egg, and are loaded with nutrients such as choline which has been linked with positive brain function and preventing liver damage in mice.

I know I will be having some eggs tomorrow!







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