Month: April 2010

Fun on a Saturday!

Good Morning!

The lads rocked some serious weights on Saturday at my strength and conditioning bootcamp.  Last week, we were lifting very heavy with a lower number of sets, yet had a good 6-7 exercises for all muscle groups.   I might just add that at last weeks bootcamp, the lads were pulling 140kg deadlifts for 4-5 reps!! 

When was the last time you actually saw that much weight on the bar?

Yesterday, we went for a bit more overall training volume, as well as intensity on 4 classic exercises.

Here’s the session plan:

1. Deadlift  130kg  6 sets of 3

2. Chin ups  Bodyweight 6 sets of 3

3. Push Press 60kg 6 sets of 3

3 min rest

4. Forward sled drag  120kg  x 20-30secs with 40 secs rest  x the length of the field and back!  This turned into about 5-6 sets. 

3 min rest

5. Backwards sled drag 120kg x 20-30secs with 40 secs rest x length of the field and back!  Around 6-8 sets.

3 min rest.

We finished with  2 rounds of a heavy circuit which included more deadlifts, press ups, chin ups and walking lunges with a minute between rounds.

Let’s just say that we were pretty done by the end!  Did I forget to mention that I took part too – I got the urge to lift some heavy iron, and the lads were more than happy for me to train like a beast alongside them.

I don’t know of any classes in the hull and surrounding area offering this kind of strongman training.  The benefits are there for all to see.  Stronger arms, a thick, rugged upper body, and a set of legs that will help you move a car if you needed to.  You will get a hardcore level of conditioning that surpasses any other type of training I have ever done!  If you think you ‘re fit and because you can run a 10k, a marathon – or whatever……………….. then by all means, come and pull this 120kg sled for more than 40 seconds and realise that strength is the base of all physical attributes (eg balance, agility, stamina etc)

After all,  How can you have strength-endurance……………..if you do not have strength in the first place?!!!!  (More on this in future.)

Hope you have a great start to your week! 🙂


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Oooops! How many easter eggs?

Good morning, I hope you had a good easter weekend.

I caught up with a good mate I havent seen since xmas, went for a long walk along the marina (in the rain!) and yesterday had a 4 ‘easter eggs’.

Easter eggs

My Easter eggs!

Eggs have had a bad reputation in the past, mainly from many mis-informed reports that the high amounts of saturated fat will increase your chance of heart disease.

This is one example (CLICK HERE!)

According to this ‘information page,’  It appears that having more than one egg a day may increase my cholesterol level – and increase my risk of a heart attack.

If any of you have spoken to me about cholesterol, you’ll know that while the call on cholestorol being the most importnat factor of heart disease is still out (believe it or not!), Studies have shown that dietary cholesterol does not affect the level of cholesterol in your blood.  (CLICK HERE!)

Many would have you think that if you eat more than 2 eggs in one day….you’re a heart attack waiting to happen!

The look on people’s faces when they hear of me having a 4 or 5 egg omelette is priceless!

Eggs have around 6 grams of muscle building protein in each egg, and are loaded with nutrients such as choline which has been linked with positive brain function and preventing liver damage in mice.

I know I will be having some eggs tomorrow!


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