Sunday the day of rest?

After watching some Match of the day recorded from last night, (good result for Hull City, and surprise goal fest at Stamford bridge)………………..

I was on for some serious sled drags on the field.

sled for weight loss hull


I went for some longer bodyweight sled drags for half a football pitch (about 60yards) and soon realised how dry the grass was!   It was hot but a nice breeze helped 🙂  

The first 30 yards were hard but the last 30 was like pulling a truck!! 

3 of these with 1 min rest in between and I had to take the weight down a plate.  Then, I went for 5 more rounds.


This was a great lower body session and it took me less than half an hour.

Are you spending you time efficiently?


Get in, train hard, and get out!!  









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