Jo runs for Cancer Fundraiser

As a busy Personal Trainer in the Hull and East Riding area, I know quite a lot of people and I am one of the first they come to for advice about exercise, looking good, and performing better. 

One of my first friends when I used to work at the Village Leisure Club a few years back was Jo, who taught many classes such as Body Attack, Body Pump, RPM, Body Jam etc.  before moving away down south.  We stay in touch where we can, and she told me the other day that she has entered the Great North Run to try and raise as much as she can for Cancer Research!  She raised over £200 when she ran 10k, and now needs to raise £400  – double the distance = double the help needed!

Here are her own words:


“I started running little over a year ago as I was looking for something to inspire me to get back into fitness, which had taken a back seat since I had started a new more stressful desk job and quit my gym job.

 When I learnt a family member had been diagnosed with cancer, a disease my family, as well as many others, has a history with I signed up for the Race for Life 5k and found I actually really quite enjoyed it, so I signed up for Cancer Research’s 10k later in the year and was quite proud of my achievements.

 However, a year on I find myself in the same position again, another person I know effected and another reason to get off my lazy backside.  So I decided to take the giant leap to a half marathon – The great north run.

 I have 6 months to get my body ready for this and I need all the help I can get not only with generating sponsorship but to get my body ready for this challenge”



Jo has asked me several questions relating to this half marathon (21k run) such as:

How much should I rest?  How far should I push myself? How can I strengthen my leg muscles in order to cope with running for the longer distance?  How much would core and flexibility work help? How can I vary and increase my programmes?

I have given her a running plan of how to approach running for such a difference, as there are quite a few complications…….its not as simple as “run everyday and do a bit more!”

For instance, many runners suffer knee injuries – mainly because they do not scale down the total volume of running. Some also tend to have more frequent injuries in other muscles and joints as they do not use appropriate resistance exercises.  I have had clients report back to me saying when they stopped using weights, the niggly injuries seem to come back   🙁

I’m sure the combination of Jo’s determination and my professional help will help her finish the race in a decent time, and more importantly……………………..raise more money for Cancer Research.

Here’s that link again:









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