Nutrition Training for Doctors ‘must be improved’

Between Personal Training clients today, I read through some news headlines.  Nutrition Training for Doctors ‘must be improved’ headed the large number of health reports in the new today.

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I find it amazing that we hear phrases such as ‘get your 5-a-day’ and  ‘you are what you eat,’ nearly everyday…………….and yet some doctors have extremely little knowledge on nutrition at all.  Many medical schools don’t even have a required nutrition course!   I have heard other reports that nutrition often only makes up 3% of the course syllabus!

beleive it or not these are nutritionists

               Believe it or not these are nutritionists

If you need to lose weight (which is both important for looking good and getting healthier) often a doctor will prescribe some sort of pill which will most likely:

a) Either not work (and do more damage as it’s probably a chemical alien to your body)

b) Have nasty side effects (Headaches, nausea, leakage (don’t ask!), liver damage and death)

c) Work, (woo!)  however, this could cause another problem in another part of your body – so in fixing one problem, it causes another!

On the other hand, your doctor may say to lose weight with diet and exercise.  They might refer you to a personal trainer in your area like the NRPT,  or……they might give out the standard advice of eat less and do more. I covered the cons  of this ever-so-simplified ‘solution’ in my article “The Calorie Conundrum.”  My simplest answer to this would be ” If it’s all about reducing calories, then why is then, that there are much less calories in processed foods these days and there are so many overweight?!!

If your doctor wants to show off – he may give you something that resembles this:

I’m not going to go into why I think the Food Pyramid is faulty because I have a lot of work to get done! I would really be here all day!

I just saw this in the news and thought you should know!

Have a good day, and research what to eat if you want to look good!



John Cammish (B.S.C) is a local East Yorkshire Fitness Bootcamp Instructor and real-world fat loss expert. He has helped countless individuals change their lives through postive habits with a focus on tried and tested methods. For more details about Personal Training, Fitness Bootcamps, Free Articles and more – check his website (






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