Do Vitamins and Supplements do you any good?

As a health professional – I get asked a lot of questions. Supplements come up time and time again, so I thought I would comment – and also share an interesting link with you all.

Supplements are exactly what they say they are. The are there to supplement your diet where there is deficiency…..or if you ‘re interested in feeling the best you can – provide optimal levels of nutrients. There is lots of scope for this – and probably a future article(!), but many people are deficient in one or many nutrients – and even if you eat well – chances are there are times you don’t…..and my view is that you should have some of the best supplements on hand just in case.

Dr. Jonny Bowden is a top Nutrition and Health Expert, and I agree with a lot of what he says. He recently made a post relating to vitamins and their effectiveness…….and also how reporters can twist figures and ignore studies to benefot their sensational story.

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Like I tell my clients, there are ‘levels’ of any given situation.  Yes, a protein shake may not be as good as a lean 8oz steak witha host of mixed vegetables, but it is a damn sight better than a mcdonalds meal.

Which choice would take you to your goals quicker….and whats possible?

So while supplements may be unnecessary in some cases – they can be the difference in keeping you on track or setting you back a little.

I believe in trying to train an eat as optimal as possible, Do you?!


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