‘Simple Equipment’ (Hull Outdoor Bootcamp)

If you know me well, you know I favour bodyweight exercises over long drawn-out cardio any day of the week, and that’s in terms of preference and results for fitness and fat loss.

Yesterday, I mentioned that I’ve been able to do a few bodyweight exercises on holiday, and focus on some direct arm work to work around my recovering lower back.

Beside our hotel, there was a children’s playground that had various bars and steps:

Anyhow, besides not getting much exercise done as the pool was closer 🙂 – I was reminded about how simple this ‘equipment’ was, and how effective it can be when you train properly.

It is these types of exercise that are incorporated in the Strength and Conditioning Bootcamps – Pull up variations, dips, push ups etc. And these serve 3 main purposes –
1) To maintain or increase muscle mass;
2) Burn fat through high intensity exercise
3) Increase our fitness by getting our heart rate going.

We need to remember that gimmicky machines that are often useless, (bear mind cables are not machines) and that bodyweight training and strength training has lasted for years and years.

So if you’re a guy reading this and want to get stronger, leaner, and fitter – drop me a call, email or text and try out a Strength and Conditioning Bootcamp.

You’ll be glad you did.






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