Mens Strength and Conditioning Bootcamp!


  • Have you ever been on the recline bikes while listening to the new girls aloud album?
  • Have you ever worn lycra shorts, and danced in an aerobics class to some funky R’n’B?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above – this Strength and Conditioning Bootcamp is not for you!


  • Do you get frustrated when your gym does not have the right equipment you need to get strong?
  • Do you get annoyed when you realise you’ve left your Ipod at home, and you will have to endure the likes of Elton John, Lady Gaga, and Usher to fuel your energy driven training sessions?!!!
  • Would you like to get strong while you get leaner and fitter?

    If you answered ‘yes’ to these 3 questions – chances are, you will love the Strength and Conditioning Bootcamp!

  In this Bootcamp, you will perform important natural movements that will make you stronger and fitter than ever before. Movements like Deadlifts, Pull ups (or alternatives), lunge variations, presses, sled drags and much more! These movements are so simple but when done right, they can sky rocket your strength and work capacity levels!

2 Simple Tools that will make you think about your fitness


This is not your typical ‘army style’ session where you perform endless push ups and crunches until someone says ‘stop!’

Reps are kept to optimum strength parameters so you will get stronger over time. Already, some guys are saying they can tell the difference in their strength and fitness – after only 3 weeks!

Bootcamp lasts 55 mins and has some 3-5 minute breaks included. Why the rest? So you can put out more power. This is not a girly aerobics class that stays in the ‘fat burning zone’ (which by the way is a TOTAL MYTH!) for an hour, you work your a** off………. then you rest. Anyone who doesn’t need rest at the predetermined times is not working hard enough.  There’s plenty of weight to slap on the bar if it’s too easy!


Here is a video that will let you decide if The Strength and Conditioning Bootcamp is for you….


Pickering Park playing fields, between Fiveways roundabout and Hessle High Road Police Station. We’ll be near the basket ball court. At the moment, Bootcamps run on a Saturday morning at 8am only.

What’s that? Too early for ya?

If you’ re not man enough to get out of bed early then don’t even think about training in one of these Strength Bootcamps.



  • There are NO Joining Fees;
  • Entry to your first Strength and Conditioning Bootcamp is FREE
  • £7.50 a session
  • £25 upfront for the month*

* Paid on or before the 1st Bootcamp of the month, and is for 4 pre-booked sessions

The September Cycle Mens Bootcamp dates are:

Saturday 4th Sept 8am at Pickering Park Playing Fields

Saturday 18th Sept 8am at Pickering Park Playing Fields

Saturday 25th Sept 8am at Pickering Park Playing Fields

Saturday 2nd Oct 8am at Pickering Park Playing Fields

Did I mention your 1st Bootcamp session is FREE? You simply cannot afford to let this opportunity slip…….

You must book on, by contacting me by email or by calling me on 07762772671.


Now, do you want to lift some heavy stuff, or you want to sit on some shiny, girly, machine?

Bootcamps will run whatever the weather. If it’s cold or wet, wear what you have to wear. There is no such thing as bad weather – Just inappropriate clothing!