8th Aug 2009 Bootcamp Pics

These pictures speak for themselves……

Stu Sledding it
Stu shoulder pressing in the circuit

Stu Deadlifting

Alan Farmers walking it

Rich Caning the water bottles

Rich sprints to the next station . . .

Rich is loving being ahead of John in the shoulder press and sled relay…..

It then turns neck and neck…..

Rich shoulder pressing in the circuit

Rich doing some serious pull ups

Rich Deadlifting

Lee pressin’ while Rich carries his Keg (s)!

Lee deadlifts

John B

John B the original farmer!

John’s on a mission to catch Rich . .

John Presses while Andy Recline rows

John Pulling ‘The Bainbridge’

Andy shows the sled whos boss in the relay

Andy deadlifts

Alan recline rows

The sled tries stop those that touch it….

Alan psychs himself up

‘The Bainbridge!’






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