Christmas comes once a year!

Have you ever thought that our calendar contributes significantly to the obesity epidemic?

Try this for a second (without looking ahead!). Think of the past year, and note 10 of your families and friends birthdays – when they occur in the year. Also, if you went on holiday, I want you to note that week or two down. Put this aside for now.

Pre-Christmas and Christmas

Leading up to Christmas day for a start, what do we do? We stuff ourselves with fatty foods and alcohol at various work parties, friends work parties and encounter increased socialising. Then along comes Christmas day; Chocolates in stockings from presents; Then at dinner time, A slap up feast with prawn cocktail for starters; Turkey, potatoes, parsnips, broccoli, cauliflower cheese, beef, sausages, sprouts, pigs-in-blankets etc; Top it off with the optional Christmas pudding and the likely bottle of wine/sherry/brandy – and you’re done.

But Christmas comes once a year right………………………….right?

WRONG!!!!!! By late evening time, it’s time to have some leftovers – if we haven’t fallen asleep in front of the Christmas films.

Boxing Day: Hey… there’s still plenty of food left! “I suppose it’ll all go to waste if I don’t eat it.”

27th Dec: There’s still plenty of food in here, gives me something to eat while I watch ‘Back to the Future!’

This cycle continues until… you’ve guessed it… NEW YEAR!!!!!

“Hey, there can’t be that many calories in six pints of lager and a couple of shots….. can there?” An incalculable amount of drinking goes on, (excess calories, not to mention an increase in toxins) which is usually followed by a New Years Eve dinner.


So in summary, during December Christmas parties, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve and Day etc. People may put on several pounds of fat to their bodies. Will this excess fat be shed in the coming weeks?

Pick up the piece of paper with your friend’s birthdays you wrote on at the beginning of this article. Go to the Birthday that comes first (Jan-Dec). How long after Christmas is that date? 3 weeks? 4 weeks? 6 weeks? Moment of truth: Could you honestly say that you could lose the weight you have put on over Christmas in that time period?

If not, do you have a quick succession of birthdays somewhere in the year that could be detrimental to your body composition targets? You might not have stopped to think about Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Easter, St.Patricks day, the World Cup, The Olympics, your national team’s matches in any sports… let alone ‘only’ birthdays. You have to ask yourself these questions:

On these occasions – is it vital you attend them all?
Do you have to drink alcohol?
Can you skip the meal if it does not fit into your diet plan?
Is there a healthy alternative?
Is it possible to eat a healthy snack prior to the meal so you do not have to eat as many empty calories?

John Cammish (B.S.C) is a local East Yorkshire Fitness Bootcamp Instructor and real-world fat loss expert. He has helped countless individuals change their lives through postive habits with a focus on tried and tested methods. For more details about Personal Training, Fitness Bootcamps, Free Articles and more – check his website ( and his Bootcamp Blog (






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