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Your Next Best Year Program !!

Maybe you want to work with John Cammish and it is not feasible for whatever reason…..(Cost, travel time, gym hours etc)

“What’s been most profound for me…is not the “losing weight”……..It’s the …whole……….”How I am!”…DIFFERENT!…. ”

Having been a Precision Nutrition Coach since 2013 ,  John has worked with several hundred clients in-person at Your Next Level Fitness, and you now have the opportunity to work through the ProCoach Program with him by your side.

With the YOUR NEXT BEST YEAR PROGRAM, you will get….

  • Daily lessons to build your knowledge, keep you “switched on.”
  • Every second week you’ll get a new habit to put into practice.
  • 26 habits built in over the year to make the change more permanent – not a quick-fix-and-back-to-yo-yo-dieting.
  • Practice these new habits daily by actioning small tasks, perfect the habit.
  • Lessons & workshops are delivered in text, audio & video format (So you don’t have to read all the time – maybe you take things in better when you hear them!)
  • Weekly progress checks
  • Every month you’ll upload photos as part of your progress tracking. (Optional – but recommended) Also, circumference measurements and all in graph format for you to see your own progress.
  • Guidance from your coach, John, on the ProCoach online programme.
  • Bonus Facebook group to discuss with other people doing the same habits!

Hundreds of success stories…..

You might have seen Lisa’s Story……

……who did the year-long program and Loved it! If you read her story you will note she says:

“Going here and completing the Course has rewired my brain in relation to food and strength training.

How does it work?

Womens Program

Mens Program

Workout programs each Month

365 days of the Program

So How much does Your Next Best Year Cost?

Depending on the level of help you would like, and whether or not you want to use Your Next Level Gym to Train there are 5 options…


When can I start?”

The Next intake will likely be in September 15th and 22nd 2020. Contact me here with the title “I WANT IN” and I will put you on the waiting list 😎

Do I get told what to eat?

We try to avoid specific meal plans as they are usually “all-or-nothing.” We adapt your existing foods and drinks to help you enjoy what you already enjoy, but make strides to get leaner, stronger, healthier – whichever you want to focus on! That said, you might end up making your own “meal plan” that works for you!

How often are the workouts?”

We work on a flexible system to fit you – but ideally doing resistance training 2-3 times a week, with 1-2 cardiovascular or mobility/stretching routines. Some people have done 15-20mins most days instead. The exercise aspect is usually 5 hours or less as food and mindset is key, but we see the huge benefits of resistance training

In the “Gold” Option – Do I have to choose either 1 hour bootcamp or 30 minute bootcamps? I like both!”

You can choose to do both! We will add enough to last you the year and you can change them as you see your schedule 😊

If I pay for the year AND pay upfront before Dec 13th – do I get 15% off ?”

That’s right!

What If I can only pay monthly? Do I get 5% off?”

That’s right!

“Do I have to use Your Next Level Gym Can I use my own gym or exercise at home? “

You don’t have to use Your Next Level Gym to do the workouts, but you know we are at hand to help if you do!

The Silver Gold and Platinum Levels allow you access at Your Next Level, and you can also do the odd Pay as You go session too. If you want to use another gym or train a home that will work well, although if training at home, we do recommend investing in some Dumbells and bands.

With the daily emails, I don’t like to do a lot of reading…..

That’s ok ! You can LISTEN to each lesson in your car or at home !

Final thoughts

Often, we think of the “quick fix”…..the “If I just lose some weight I will be happy” mentality. Although weight loss is a key part of the program, it’s the mental unpacking and re-packing of the information and ideas we hold about the world that is the real magic in this program.

Hopefully you want to make 2020 your “best year” and I can be with you each step of the way.

Are you ready to take that step?


Lisa Loves Your Next Level!

Much happier after finding Your Next Level

My journey here at Your Next Level Fitness has been an amazing one, I’ve changed so much not only physically but mentally too.  If you don’t mind I’d like to give you a brief background………

When I was in my 20’s and 30’s, I was happy with my size and shape,  But I wasn’t healthy.  I smoked, partied hard at weekends, and had been on anxiety tablets on and off for many years.  My GP even said my anxiety is in my DNA.  I will always be on medication for it!

I had my little boy at 39 and put on a good 4 stone during my pregnancy.  I was the size of a bus!  So much so, I spent that last month of it sat in a chair, as moving around was quite painful and exhausting!

Despite absolutely loving being a new Mum, I was so down with my appearance which fuelled my anxiety even more. I wasn’t in a good place.

So just over 2 years ago, I decided to start running (I hated it, and I really wasn’t very good at it) as thought I would really burn some calories,  But I didn’t lose much really.  I started an aerobics type class as well, thinking that would help, but not much happened there either.

I had heard about bootcamps and Riva and I had been talking to someone who recommended Your Next Level, saying how good they were and you won’t find anything like it elsewhere.

So I rang and spoke with John who asked what we wanted to achieve out of it.

Well as soon as we walked in, we both said “I think we are going to like it here!”  Although I did think because of the size of me, I’m bound to be pulling machines over, and snapping bands ect……seriously…I couldn’t even do a body weight squat without being in so much pain!  I was so unfit and weak.

Exercise is hard…….at first…….!

Over the coming months, I ditched the aerobic class I was doing elsewhere and the running and increased my bootcamp classes to 4 times a week, and in October 2018 I enrolled on a year-long Precision Nutrition course too, John was my coach on the course.  I was on a mission!!

Since October 2018 I’ve lost over 4 stone,  and I’ve never felt better!!  

During bootcamps, John and Lee praise you, and will advise you when you’ve not quite got the correct posture… makes a difference when you do it right!  They always say “Hi” and ask how you are, they’re interested in one thing, and that is to help you get to your goal and helping you through obstacles that come your way, in the process. They are a mind of information and advice on fitness and nutrition.

I love all this and I love the camaraderie during the class.  Everyone is so friendly, and a good laugh. And there is encouragement between us too.  

Click to see a typical class!

In comparison to other gyms I used to be part of in the past….they wasn’t interested if I didn’t go as long as I was still paying (and didn’t pay much attention to me while I was there), whereas John IS interested and wants to help and see you get back in there,  All the coaches at Your Next Level are so very very good at what they do.  

Prior to starting at Your Next Level, If I’d had an off day, I would get my pjs on and pour a glass of wine and feel sorry for myself.  The new Lisa (when having an off day) is so eager and committed to get to class because I know I will feel better.  Going here and completing the PN course has rewired my brain in relation to food and strength training.

I am no longer on anxiety tablets.  AND…..I can:


  • Goblet squat a 25kg dumbell and barbell squat 60-70kg
  • Do assisted chin ups with bands, and FULL press ups!
  • Trap bar deadlift 80-100kg for reps
  • Row at a fast pace for 5-10mins
  • And more!

Who’d have thought I could come this far, in a year.

A massive thank you to John, and Lee and the whole team there, who inspire and encourage me every day, to enjoy my journey, because I’m still on it, tweaking it as I go, and with some more improvements to come,  

Lisa  xx

Lisa has gone through some massive changes this past year, from relying on anxiety medication to coming off them completely, with strength and fitness levels consistently building, and getting leaner consistently too. Lisa realises the importance of patience and consistency – and is a pleasure to work with!

AFTER TRAINING on a Friday 5.30pm class!

What Are You Paying For?!

The world of Health…Fitness….Motivation…’s a weird one.

From a Coaches perspective……You can see why I would be all-for-someone getting the best out of their fitness plan.

On the other hand……I realise there is a budget to be kept to for every individual…..and I REALLY WANT THAT TO BE MAXIMISED!

I HATE it when I hear people say something along the lines of “I was at Gym X…paying £45 a month, and went 3 times a week for January and February…It was a 12-month contract.

(Said person just spent £22.50 PER VISIT TO THE GYM….and probably hated most of it, either bordom, loneliness….or both.


And I get it.

Personal training costs (usually in our area) anywhere from £20-50 a session.  Not many people can afford that….. and I don’t recommend that people need hundreds of sessions!

I do however, think that 90% of people could benefit from 3-12 months of training……even if it is a handful of sessions spaced 1 month apart.

The reasons are many (and these are just a few) :

  • Learn proper Technique to maximise time, ensure safety, and have less chance of pain in later life
  • Learn to push hard at the right times
  • Learn why exercises should be structured in such a way to help posture, and get the most out of your session
  • Learn about food and a style to help you keep weight off


So what about bootcamps and group training etc?

Our group sessions are essentially snapshots of personal training.  You are getting a similarly structured session, just that there are a few more people with you, and you pay a snippet of the cost.

The main difference between our group sessions and personal training sessions is that Data is recorded by us when personal training. (This would be pretty tough for 10 people in a class set up)

So…….My biggest beef comes when I hear about  Personal Trainers not recording their clients data!

Either this………

or this ……


Any personal trainer should be able to answer you if you ask “WHAT DID I DO LAST TIME? “



…And if you think “Well I just need my arse kicking”………and are paying £20-50 an hour for it ….. you can probably get that a lot more affordably.

In fact – if you are needing “motivation to exercise”…..look no further than our Group classes , that start at £4 a session……an absolute steal!

Click the Image below:


Why Working Out Is Not Working Out

  • 75% of UK children spend less time outside than prison inmates
  • 1 in 12 children meet the physical activity guidelines of 60mins per day
  • Even small doses of Physical Activity can reduce premature death by 50%
  • Lack of movement leads to an Increase in depression and obesity……CLICK TO WATCH !!


THANK YOU Your Next Level Supporters!

We had a MASSIVE SHOWING of people supporting my personal cause to raise money for my good friend Sarah West – who is really ill, and 2 young daughters of her own…

Sarah, Olivia and Amelia

You may or may not know, but we heard about the effectiveness of Sarah’s chemotherapy fading, and there were suggestions of an alternative new treatment that was expensive and we wanted to help – with whatever we could.

So we put out a poster on our Facebook Page and Instagram Page to rally as many Your Next Level Fitness supporters and raise as much as we could……..

We had around 50 people come and take part (and many more donate!)

Here are a sample of the photos taken !

We managed to raise a MASSIVE £2000 !

Kiera coaching Nick, Harry and Will on band Pull aparts 😉
Warm up!
Boys with their toys!
More Warm up
Kiera Isla and Theo helping pack the rope away!

To see all of the photos – check out the Your Next Level Facebook Page or the Instagram Your Next Level Fitness Page!

A big THANK YOU to all involved and many who donated even though they could not make the day. Without you all, this would not have been possible and I feel blessed that so many made it happen and raise much more than we originally thought possible !

Lou’s Journey with Your Next Level Fitness

It all started almost 3 years ago when a friend asked me to go with her to a personal training session one Sunday morning – up until then I had thought I should do some form of exercise but found numerous excuses not to start!

I hadn’t heard of Your Next Level Fitness before then and really didn’t know what to expect.  Gyms can be very intimidating places especially if you lack confidence and are self-conscious which many of us are. So I can’t say I looked forward to that first session. The gym is relatively small (but perfectly formed!) with a really friendly atmosphere.  From first stepping into the Gym and reading the motivational slogans on the wall I got a feeling that I might actually like it. 

 John coached us through the session and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it.  We agreed that we would book onto a session the next week and “give it a go”

We started with the Tuesday and Thursday 6pm 30 minute Boot-camp sessions and after a couple of weeks I was hooked.  After a few weeks my friend dropped out but I carried on going to the sessions on my own and even added the weekly 60 minute Saturday morning session held outside on the Rugby field (in all weathers!).  Great fun!

Initially what I lacked in technique and ability I think I made up for in enthusiasm – I couldn’t do full press ups but could do them from my knees, I couldn’t hold a plank for very long but I had a go and that’s the main thing… you don’t know what you are capable of until you have a go.

We read about how exercise produces Serotonin and releases Endorphins which makes us feel good and boosts our mood ….. I can now say that I fully understand this and have noticed a huge difference in my physical and mental health since starting a regular exercise routine. 

Once I started to feel physically fitter I realised I would benefit more from the exercise sessions if I also made changes to my diet and lifestyle.  I started making small changes – reducing the amount of alcohol I drank, eating more slowly so as to recognise when I’m satisfied rather than eating everything on my plate and then looking for “afters” and taking notice of portion sizes ….. as a woman with a sedentary job I don’t need to eat the same size meal as my husband or son!

I started following the WW plan for food, mainly to give me some formal direction and fast forward a year I am now 3 ½ stone lighter but more importantly I am healthier with a healthier mind set in relation to food.

This has had a huge knock on effect to my exercise routine in that I am now able to attempt things I could only have dreamt about a couple of years ago.

The sense of achievement after completing the  Total Warrior event in Leeds with the YNLF team back in June 2017 was mind blowing – I have never done anything like that before in my life and although it was tough I loved every minute of it – I’m hoping to do it again…

When I started out I couldn’t do one full press up but with the encouragement of John, Lee and James at YNLF I can now do 10 decent full press ups in a row – I’m now aiming to do 12+

My latest victory is managing to do a chin up! I never thought I would be saying that! I’m aiming for 3 in a row now.

I’ve met some great people at YNLF who all have their own story as to why they are there – the most important thing is that …..they are there! 

I would say to anyone thinking about coming to Your Next Level Fitness just do it …. Take that step and you will never look back.   Like that well known advert says “because you’re worth it!!”

There are a variety of Boot-Camp session times and opportunities to use the open Gym where there is always a qualified PT around if you need assistance.  No matter how busy your lifestyle there will be a time to suit.

I currently do the Monday evening 5.30pm  60 min Boot-camp with John and the Friday morning 6am 60 min Boot-camp session with James but depending on my weekly commitments with my full time job and busy home life I can change these times to suit.

Who would have thought that that first Sunday morning session almost 3  years ago would lead me to where I am now feeling happier and healthier in my 50’s than in my 20’s, 30’s or 40’s?!

Thanks to all at YNLF for your support and encouragement ……….wonder what I might attempt next!

Lou Hunn 

Black Friday Sale – Here’s Why Not

We don’t do “Black Friday Sales”

Reasons we DON’T do a BLACK FRIDAY Sale….


It’s harder for us a small company to see a high number of THE RIGHT clients.
We see the big gyms selling discount memberships knowing full well that people won’t come after a while.



Click the pic….

We prefer to have people come in either:

– On their own
– With a friend/partner/family member/work colleague
– With a group of friends etc

When people come to us, they often stay for years and years (take that of what you will) …..we would rather have 5 clients come in this December and stay for 5-10 years than 100 people of which many leave the next month when a deal has ran out – and possibly some of the right people dont get the attention they wanted.

2. This leads into the fact that


Imagine you go in to your gym, you’ve been paying £50 a month for.

A friend says “OH ive just done a black friday deal – Its worked out at “25 a month”…..and then you go to your gym manager and ask for the same,
he or she is likely to say no.

An interesting thing happened at a gym I previously worked at……

They put this offer in saying here’s £150 worth of vouchers for stuff.

Some of my clients wanted that deal.

What happened? The manager said NO.

Well some clients of mine just cancelled their membership and re-joined.

Bit weird though dont you think?

They ended up leaving in the end……probably due to :

A) Lack of care
B) The realisation that they are all about chasing new members than looking after current ones

3. The extra workload on the gym
– Puts a lot of stress on me and my team of coaches.
– They don’t want to be waiting for equipment because everything being used by people who are going to leave next week because some black friday deal is now no longer there.


“Say you get paid tonight at midnight….and tomorrow you want to start training with us.”

But since you’re starting the day AFTER black friday -its “20% more expensive” etc.

Why should you have to pay more?

Rant over!




Debbies Story

I was just back at work after having being signed off sick from my job for 5 months.  I’d had blood clots on my brain.  I was taking 18 tablets per day, as I am now, and will be for another few weeks at least.
I have a headache most of the time, some days are worse than others.
My weight was steadily increasing due to inactivity, boredom and worry.
I felt that I was going downhill fast and I knew I needed to take control…………..
I started going to Your Next Level Fitness, as recommended by a friend, who had been a client of John’s for many years. She said that we should set ourselves 6 weekly targets, which we did. I attended 2 bootcamps per week, reduced my food portions and got weighed every Monday morning.  I decided to try to lose the weight quickly which I have achieved.

I lost two stones in 14 weeks!

I have managed to maintain the new weight. Like most ladies, I have tried all the diets going and some have been successful in the short term but the weight has always gone back on.  I know it’s early days, but this time it’s different I know that the exercise has made the difference and that I must keep it up.
I am now a size 12, from a 16 and, to be honest, I feel  really good about myself.  The mirror is now a friend rather than something to dodge. I still often turn up at Bootcamps with a headache,  but the exercise seems to help and I feel so much better after the session.

It would have been so easy to have made excuses as to why I shouldn’t exercise but I would recommend Your Next Level Fitness to anybody. The trainers really know their stuff. Every session is different……… It’s the best gym I’ve ever been to and I’ve tried them all!

Debbie S


See more of what our clients have to say HERE!

Your Next Level Fitness Has Been A Game Changer!


Before joining Your Next Level Fitness I didn’t know anything about weight training, I thought cardio was the only way you could lose weight and tone up. I joined over two years ago and I have never looked back since.

I started by attending one bootcamp session a week, this soon changed to twice a week as I was (and still do) really enjoying them. The bootcamp sessions they offer are great. They are extremely welcoming and even if you arrive alone, you never feel alone. You really feel that everyone is there to support you. There is a range of all ages who give 100% every session. John and his team are all great trainers, they take everybody’s abilities into consideration and adapt all exercises to suit your current fitness level/ability to ensure you never feel that you ‘can’t’ do it. They really know their stuff and offer a wide range of exercises that challenge your body every week and even now I leave feeling like my body has been pushed to its limits.

Bootcamp offers a full body workout which aims to target all your muscles by using a range of equipment for weight training, body exercises like press ups and burpees, and cardio using bikes, rowers, the prowler, ropes… I could go on! As someone who HATES running and biking long distances this sort of cardio is perfect, I’d take sprints on the bike over a 5k run any day!

After being a member of others gyms previously, I was shocked when I didn’t see a treadmill, is there need for one?


Am I happy about that?


I’ve been attending bootcamp for a long time now and not once have I completed the exact same session twice. I love this and really notice and appreciate the effort John puts in to make sure his sessions are fresh and interesting. What I love the most about bootcamp is that even though you could be in a group of 10-15 people you still feel as though you’re having a personal training session. John ensures he circulates during the session, but is constantly watching everyone to make sure they are using the equipment safely and also checking you’re not cheating yourself with a low weight (and yes I have tried to do this haha). 

After my partner ‘popped the question’ and the countdown to our wedding was in full swing I knew I wanted to do more. After speaking with John he suggested using the ‘open gym’. The thought of this was daunting at first, ‘how would I do it on my own’ was my first thought. I should have known not to feel like that, because of course somebody is always there to offer guidance and suggestions when you ask for it! I aimed to use the open gym twice a week before the wedding (as well as continuing to attend bootcamp twice a week) I targeted parts of my body I wanted to work on, mainly my arms and upper back. Each week I grew in confidence and used the equipment and weights independently.


Bootcamp was great for ideas and also how to set out my training sessions (work/rest time, how many sets etc). To cut a long (sweaty) story short the hard work really paid off, I felt amazing in my wedding dress, and really noticed the different in my arms. 

A lot of this was thanks to the bootcamp sessions and open gym sessions! 

I continue to use the open gym twice a week as well as bootcamp. I honestly cannot ever imagine going anywhere else. Your Next Level Fitness has been a game changer for me and I would recommend the gym and trainers to anyone! 



Everything Not As It Seems! (Pun Intended!)

You will know by now (especially if you are a client of ours or you have been following us on Facebook for some time) that we use a lot of resistance training in our sessions.

Most of our clients are Women, who are led by the other mainstream sites to think that “women should do yoga and running…..and….men should do weights.”

This can be illustrated with any Google search…….I searched “man fitness”…….and I got


Then you search women fitness and you get


What you DO NOT SEE

  • Maybe this is to perpetuate the myth that heavy weight training builds monster size bodies.
  • Maybe this is to sell more 1lb, 2lb, 3lb dumbells that can be put in a lunchbox-sized case and put under the bed for years.

I am not sure.

What I DO know, is that many women are building firm bums, shoulders, backs, abs from strength training with heavy weight.

Check this :

Athlete “Camilla Seem”. …….She looks very lean, toned, and of course – Looks like she does Yoga!

You might be led to think “I need to do Yoga!”

“That’s how I will get lean fit and toned!”

….And then you can see how she actually spends most of her training……..(Click to see the vids)


How can YOU use this?

1.Dedicate 3-5 hours a week. 


3 hours you can get a lot of work done.  It doesn’t have to be 3 x 1 hours, it  can be 4 x 45mins, 5 x 30-40mins, 6 x 30mins etc.

2.Spend the majority – 70-80% – of your training with Resistance Traning

Get stronger.  Record your lifts.

3.Get leaner through food

Less of it , and less junk. If you are much heavier then add more cardio in at the end of your session – or add in walking/biking/rowing etc on other days you would normally rest.  Again, this does not have to be 1 hour, it could be 10minutes or 100minutes.

4.Stretch and feel good

In your session, you can do some yoga-style moves , but maybe do them in the warm up or between weights or at the end. They are good to do…..but will not “shape your bum” like doing many sets of squats and deadlifts will do.

Hope you enjoyed this !



PS we have our own private space where our clients use our equipment, hassle-free. Get in touch if you need a nice place with top equipment and some guidance