Helping men and women in the Hessle and Hull area change their body to help them feel better is what I do. Whether it’s to lose weight, or change body shape (often a bit of both).  I do my best to encourage my clients to stick at it, because hard work and consistency with a proper plan pays off in the long-term!

Kendra came to my Bootcamp sessions looking to get that extra little bit of weight off to reach her goal. She had already done a bit on her own, and needed to just get a few pounds off to hit  the weight she wanted.  

Did she Succeed?

Well, Kendra surpassed her goal……….and even better……she TOTALLY changed her body shape in the process.  

Kendra realises the difference now, between ‘muscle weight’ and ‘fat weight’  – and that its important to train with weights as well as the cardiovascular exercise.  What’s even better?  Her mother got involved and lost fat too!

Read Kendra’s Transformation Story below:


Getting married is a good incentive to get in shape.  Getting married in your mid-30s when your cute 20’s figure is a thing of days gone by and your body isn’t as forgiving for your poor diet as it once used to be is a frightening prospect!  Before my now husband and I had set any dates for our wedding, I knew I needed to do something about my weight.  I’d just turned 34 and weighed the most I’d ever – 11 stone 4lbs with a very high body fat percentage. 



I like to joke that I decided mentally then I was going to do something about it but it took me another 6 months to actually start getting serious about it.  I set myself a target weight of 10 stones and it took me 10 months on my own (Feb 2010 to Dec 2010) to get my weight back down to 10stone 3lbs.  For the next 4 months I hit a plateau at this weight (maybe going up or down a pound or two) and knew something in the way I was doing things needed a ‘shake up’. 

 To add to the ‘plateau woes’ when I was measured for my wedding dress in Jan 2011 I was ‘between sizes’ so decided  to be optimistic and order the smaller size (which meant regardless of the weight on the scale I still needed to lose another 1” off my waist!).  I’m much more of a gentle exercise gal – yoga, swimming, long walks on the beach – so I thought a bootcamp might be the shock to my system I needed.  A quick Google search for boot camps in Hull found me looking at John’s webpage – and a FREE TRIAL for your first session with no obligation sounded great to me.  What I found at John’s bootcamp was not what I expected (that is a military style class and a guy with a whistle shouting obscenities at us while we crawled through the mud)….but a rather friendly place with people of all levels of fitness being led by an approachable and encouraging leader.  That first class – as simple as some of the exercises seemed really ‘shocked my system’ alright! But regardless of my red face and elevated heart rate, I actually enjoyed it.  I started with bootcamps once a week, but upped it to two a week to improve my results.  I also was enjoying the group exercise aspect of the classes – John or someone else in the class is always cheering you on and encouraging you to push yourself just a little bit harder (and the odd boy vs. girl competition breaks out!).  John also provided me with lots of advice on my diet, exercise to do on my non bootcamp days and regularly follows up after his classes with emails and text messages with advice and encouragement.  I even started doing mini-versions of the bootcamp circuit in my back garden – it’s amazing what a good workout you can get with some of John’s no equipment circuit exercises and a cheap rope!


I finally broke the 10 stone weight goal sometime in mid-late July – but by then the change in my body shape, tone and fitness level was a world apart from when I started John’s bootcamp classes 3lbs heavier in March.  When I stopped (temporarily!) bootcamp in early August to head overseas for holiday and my wedding I was about 9stone 10-11lbs – less than I weighed 10 years ago!  By the wedding (Aug 27th) I was able to do the impossible on holiday and lose more weight – so was at 9st 6lbs. 


 Now my challenge is consistency!  I’m determined to not let the weight slowly creep back on, now that the incentive of looking good in my wedding dress is gone.  I highly recommend John’s bootcamp for anyone who wants to see results! Of course you have to do your bit and get your butt off the couch and stop shoving rubbish into your mouth – but it’s John’s approach to training & exercise, up to date knowledge and sincere attitude to helping you realise your goals that definitely helped me achieve my results!

Thanks John!





As you can see, Kendra has made really dramatic changes to her body.  The weight has helped, but undertaking new exercises which keep muscle and burn fat are necessary in my opinion.  Even Kendra once referred to not doing weights as helping ’the skinny-fat look!’   I think over the pond, it’s a term used a lot.  Maybe it will catch on here soon?!

Well done Kendra.

Until next time,