Month: November 2013

Hull Bootcamp! (Indoor and Outdoor)


Just a real quick one today.


Our midweek Bootcamps go indoors starting December 2nd (next Monday),

rower your next level fitness

and our Saturday Bootcamp will remain outdoors.


darren snappers


So Here is the breakdown!



Monday 5.30pm

Monday 6.30pm

Tuesday 9.30am

Wednesday 5.30pm

Wednesday 6.30pm



Saturday 8am

Saturday 9.15pm





Let me know in advance if coming or not – last year we had waiting lists and don’t like to let people down…………








Recovery Methods – Part 2

Recovery is important. You train to break your body down……..and your body supercompensates by building back to being stronger and fitter.

Here is Part 2 of this series……….you can catch Part 1 by CLICKING HERE (if you missed it)


4. Active recovery

As I said in part 1 – stretching can help recovery.   Take it one step further?  Do an ‘active recovery workout!’

 Don Chest press on Sled Dog

Beware – this should NOT cause soreness!

Keep things light, and add stretches in liberally……….and don’t go too heavy or place emphasis on eccentric portion of reps (or eliminate that if you can)

Get the blood flow going……work the lungs a little…… not push yourself hard (You will want to train hard the next day!)


5. Contrast shower

This IS exactly how it sounds.

cold shower

Get a hot shower………and every now and then set it to as cold as you can handle for maybe 20-30seconds……..back to hot.

Do this several times!

Not pleasant!


The mechanism behind this is that this will stimulate more blood flow to the muscles…….and if you are eating the right things – then you should in theory recover more quickly.


6. Supplements.

While I touched upon experiementing with Magnesium flakes in your bath in PART 1 – There are other supplements that are known to help.

I have not tried these personally (other than magnesium) – but here is a resource that you might want to check out if you either:

a) Really struggle to sleep

b) Constant fatigue

c) Constant soreness

Then CLICK HERE to see a post that recommends some tools.

By the way…….if you are not already aiming to get more sleep and still wasting time watching things like Geordie Shore etc – get your priorities right BEFORE looking at any supplements.

By the way – if looking for a protein supplement – Do not waste money on low-calorie crap with soy protein in. (Check the ingredients – as I hear of people selling people really expensive soy protein shakes that just has too many question marks over it…..and anything low calorie will have you lose weight – but then REBOUND with WEIGHT gain.)


I like this whey protein (click)  but if you don’t tolerate milk protein well – then go for a pea, rice, or hemp protein.

phd diet whey



7. The obvious –  Sleep!

As you will probably guess or know – my sleep as been massively interupted recently, and I can’t wait for the elusive 6-month time where apparently children sleep right through  EVERY. SINGLE .NIGHT.

sleep is ace


The benefits of sleep are well documented (CLICK) – and I typically find that less sleep makes me hungrier than Homer Simpson after 24 hours of Intermittent fasting………



Also, can I just add that watching less TV and getting to bed earlier is just a good idea.  No matter how you spin it…….ditching the soaps, saving that film to the weekend – all mean you can get that much-needed sleep after a hard day at work.


Exhausted matchstick man


For a more in-depth coverage of sleep CLICK HERE and HERE for some great articles from the guys at precision nutrition.



So there you go!  Train hard – recover better so you can train harder!





Scott Gets a Warrior Mindset

Bootcamper Scott thought he wanted to shed a few pounds for his wedding…………but ended up GAINING something more important……..


Scotts words:


It would seem that when the word ‘bootcamp’ is mentioned, for most the emphasis seems to be on fat loss.

For me that was true at the start. A year ago I was panicking about looking fat on my impending wedding photos. So a quick search on the net and I came across John Cammish’s Bootcamp. I emailed John with the brief … “I don’t want to look fat on my wedding pics”.

Johns replied with “when is it?…………..(June)…………….That’s plenty of time”.


So I arrived one cold December Saturday morning, not quite sure what to expect. I won’t lie, those first few sessions hurt me, and although I tried diets along with exercise – it wasn’t going great. The exercise I was starting to enjoy but a strict diet wasn’t for me. What did happen though is that I understood and developed a guilt for over-eating rubbish. It’s worth bearing in mind that you can eat like a king on Hessle road for a few quid, but it’s all the wrong things.

kebab and chips

Anyway to cut a long story short I kept at it spurned on by what I was achieving and by how strong compared to when I started, I was starting to feel fit.

So the wedding day came, joy of joys I felt great and the fittest I had ever been.


The original plan was that would be it , back to the sofa after 6 months training, but something had changed.

“Perhaps I should do another 6 months”



I thought it – and did it…………and in the meantime an opportunity came along. John explained an event that was coming up … Total Warrior in the Lake District, a 10km assault course through mud ,water, and fire with a bit of barbed wire thrown on for good measure.

Sounds fun……………….. but could I do it ?

total warrior 1a



I felt strong………… I could run a bit, but surely this was only for the hardcore?  Anyway me and most of the bootcamp crew travelled up to the lakes and did it.


The Warrior 2013 Gang……



Log Carry…..

scott warrior


Completion (!) ……




I realised at that point that I had found something I could do , the sense of achievement was immense.

I then did born survivor again in the lakes , and two weeks ago pain barrier in Bradford.

scott race1 scott race2

I am now hooked and still attending boot camp. It’s worth adding that I am now so confident with regards to these events that I have decided to do the tough guy winter event. I may not make it, it’s one extremely hardcore event, but again not phased, I will go and give it my all.


To sum up –  “Bootcamps are not just about fat loss, they are so much more, a chance to meet up with people on similar journeys who want to better themselves and gain confidence in what they are doing.”


Thank you John…… and all the rest who I do Bootcamp with. It’s been a fun arduous journey…… that I am still loving!





Recovery Methods – Part 1


It’s been a busy time – and having baby Kiera is meaning I probably won’t be able to write this blog as often as I have in the past…..

Look at that happy face!



Yesterday Jen, Kiera and I went to a baby massage class..……….it was good to just get involved in something different and meet some other mums and dads.

Anyway massage is a great form of  RECOVERY ….and it got me thinking about the various forms you can use.


1. MassageThis section was written by a friend of mine (in fact I refer most people to 2 massage therapists) –

James Bednarski says…………….

james bednarski

Because you guys are interested in looking after your bodies, then without doubt the most effective type of massage for you is Sports Massage. Why? well it helps your muscles recover quicker & perform better next time. Here’s how:
1. Flushes your muscles of unwanted bi-products (Lymph, Lactic acid & other toxins).
2. Reduces knots, postural tension, & improves muscle condition enabling you to get better training results.
3. Speeds injury recovery & reduces future injury risk.
4. De-stresses you mentally & helps you to connect with your body better!

As you can see, sports massage is important for everyone (even those who are inactive), not just athletes. Think of your body like your car: the more work it does, the more you need to look after it right? – especially if you want it to last for a while! So think of sports massage as an MOT for your body. If you’d like more info or to book in & get 20% off, just contact me & quote ‘Cam’s Blog’!

james bednarski video



James is a good guy and can be contacted at

If I need to refer someone for a massage – I usually give them a male and female option and James is the man!


2. Stretching

Stretching is a funny one.  Some swear by it and say you can’t get enough. Some say it reduces power output.

Young woman seated hamstring stretch

What do I think?


I think it depends very much so on the individual.  Some people really need to stretch  (Bad posture, serious inflexibility etc)……some don’t need to strecth much at all (some people need more ‘stiffness’ and some are just hyperflexible).

Anyway – pilates and yoga classes might be a good method – even if just to unwind in a quiet room!

Group of women in a pilates class at the gym



If you need a pilates class – One of my bootcampers runs popular classes in Anlaby and Hessle – contact me if you’re interested!


3. Baths

Speaking about unwinding – a bath could be just what you need!


Now, you don’t need to slap some Kenny G and get a glass of wine……….but a bath now and then away from some noise could do you a world of good.

Extra bonus – add some Magnesium flakes and see if that helps. I personally don’t like a bath tooooooo hot – but you know yourself better than I – and simple way is to experiment!



So there is 3 simple ways – to recover better!





Stay tuned for part 2 coming soon!