Did you know?  Interval training burns 9 times more body fat than traditional aerobic exercise.

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Our Your Next Level Fitness Bootcamp  is:  THE program to get you looking your BEST…..in the quickest time possible. We use High Intensity Interval Training to get your metabolism sky high for hours between workouts.  Want to learn more?ynlf2 - black x 50pct CLICK TO BOOK PRE-PAID SESSION ONLINE


lose weight hull Hi, my name is John Cammish – the owner of Your Next Level Fitness Bootcamp in Hessle, near Hull…and Official “Fat – The Fight Of My Life” Trainer (As featured on SKY LIVING).I help people just like you, to lose body fat and improve the way you look and feel. I guarantee I will put EVERYTHING I have into helping you improve your body shape. I am the only Precision Nutrition Coach in the area – armed with the life-changing tools you need to look and feel better in yourself.

  Ladies: This could mean getting into that sexy pair of jeans you still keep in your wardrobe – because years ago – they were your favourite pair for looking your best.

Guys: This could mean looking AND BEING STRONG…..and not losing your hard-earned muscle. Build hard muscle and shrink your gut.


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  • Are You a Class junkie?
  • Bodypump and its-MAJOR Flaws for Weight Loss
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  • The Calorie Conundrum
  • Training for muscle
  • The Biggest Loser – Who actually wins?


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I am confident Your Next Level Fitness Bootcamp  is THE program to get you looking your BEST…..in the quickest time possible.

Want to see for yourself? ………


(After just 3 weeks) ………. In just three weeks I lost 10lbs and amazingly dropped a dress size……which I am over the moon about!!!   I can see my shape is changing for the better……as opposed to just being a smaller version with the same horrible shape.

The people at Bootcamp are all very welcoming and encouraging and help to give me the motivation I need to help me work as hard as I can. I don’t feel self conscious (as I would at a gym) and I look forward to every session.

(After just 6 months) ………. After attending John’s bootcamp for 6 months, I am now extremely happy to say I have exceeded my initial goals!! I am over the moon! When I started John’s bootcamp in January, I weighed an embarrassing 14stone 2lbs and was a very uncomfortable size 18/20…now I weigh 10stone 12lbs and have gone down to a very more acceptable and happy size 12/14. That’s 3stone 4lbs and approx 3 dress sizes. I NEVER thought that I would achieve this so quickly and ENJOY it! I have lost inches off my waist, hips, thighs and arms) click to read Vicky’s full testimonial………



“I can’t believe I let myself get to the weight I was.

On my first session on 19th June 2008 I weighed in at 19 stone 2 lbs. I was totally embarrassed to be so heavy and wondered if I was kidding myself to think I could really get rid of it all. John didn’t gasp, he said that the good thing about being so heavy was that I might see some dramatic weight loss in the first couple of weeks.

Lots has happened since then, I have lost a lot of weight and look better than I ever thought I could. I couldn’t have done without John helping me with my food and exercise, and my sister spurring me on! A Year on, I now weigh between 12 and 12-and-a-half stone – and I feel I am at the right body weight now.

I feel like a new woman – my husband thinks he’s got one!

Click here to read Andrea’s diary, documenting her ups and downs and how she LOST AROUND 7 STONE IN A YEAR!!!!


Big Tone has only gone and lost nearly 10 stone!


CLICK HERE to read Tony’s journey in 2 parts:  Part 1   and part 2.


Are you ready to join?
Before you make that decision I have one more thing to say……  We encourage hard work and a supportive atmosphere to help one another reach their goal. We have very advanced high-level clients…..and we have total beginners with a lot of weight to lose.

I make it my MISSION to make an exercise both challenging yet do-able to get you to “Your Next Level.”

Can you?

  • Follow a simple nutrition plan that has helped many other shed lots of body fat?
  • Commit to training regularly, both with a group and on your own?
  • Give it your absolute ALL…..and really give it a go?
  • Make a genuine attempt to change your obvious bad habits, like drinking alcohol, sugary snacks etc?

If you answered YES to these questions, you will fit right in to our Maximum Metabolism Bootcamp :)

You now have 2 options…..

1) If you absolutely KNOW this Fat-burning, Metabolism boosting program is for you – then simply email me at john@yournextlevelfitness.co.uk and we can get you started right away with a free trial.

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2) If you simply want to read a bit more about what we do and you are after some tips and advice – just enter your email HERE


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